• July 13, 2024

Houston Cop Cleared of Homicide in Death of Black Man


A Houston police officer was cleared of murder by a grand jury over the shooting of a black man over the protests of his father and others in the community.  Precinct 5 Deputy Constable R Felix had stopped the man who was driving a rental car for outstanding tickets that very well may not have been his, but the officer wouldn’t know that.  He is seen talking to the man with his gun holstered for a while and when he opened the car door, the man apparently tried to drive away with the policeman clinging to the side of the car.

The driver, was then fatally shot by the officer.  Barnes’ father, Tommy Barnes, claims that his son was shot before he tried to escape.  For some reason Barnes popped the truck at 1:28 of the video.  At 1:39, Officer Felix opened the car door.  At 1:43 the car takes off.  It appears to me that the car accelerates and starts shifting right onto the roadway before the car makes a sudden stop.

The grand jury found no reason to indict the policeman.