• December 4, 2021

Illegal Aliens Try to Intimidate Trump Supporters in California


Proving that year round sun has a tendency to deep fry brains, liberals in California have turned to violence since they have lost in the arena of ideas.  Besides, violence is something that people with Neantherolic brains can comprehend.  Charles Darwin did a study on California voters and he determined that since democratic voters have spent so many years blindly following the orders of their leaders, evolution has eliminated their ability to process thought as unnecessary.

Last night in San Jose, the poster children for mass deportation were at it again, attacking a man and a woman in separate attacks.  In one attack, a man was walking away from the Trump rally when a cowardly liberal swung an unidentified object, striking the man in his head, which caused blood to run down the side of his head and covered his shirt.  I want you to watch the video of the attack and then read the questions the press asked of him:


From The Daily Caller:

Reporters circled the man after the attack and asked him if he had provoked the anti-Trump protesters.

“I was just walking out with my Trump sign and he grabbed my Trump sign and started following me and calling me a racist and stuff,” the man said.

Asked if he said anything when leaving the event, he said he was merely cheering the Republican.

“I was just like ‘Yeah Trump, yeah Trump,’” the man said.

He also said that his attacker had followed him out of the event and spit on him.

A crowd of apparent anti-Trump protesters are heard cheering after the attacker hit the victim.

The man was attacked from behind and the California Loony Tune press asks him if it was his fault.

In a separate incident, a woman who was leaving the rally was taunted then attacked by a large pack of illegal aliens who are afraid that the Trump train will knock them off the gravy train of government benefits.  They were waving their little Mexican flags and throwing eggs and bottles at the woman who was able to keep smiling throughout the attack.  Perhaps that’s because she knows they will be going back to their beloved country as soon as Trump is inaugurated.

The same alleged journalists who tried to paint Trump supporters as racists and violent are eerily silent as illegal Mexicans go on a rampage.  It’s time to pull an Ike and send millions of them back where they came from.




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