• July 15, 2024

iPhone Users Shocked To Find P0rn Built Into The New IOS V10 iMessage

Bugs come along with the launch of any new feature, but we doubt Apple expected hardcore pornography to be one of them.

This week Deadspin discovered that it was possible to find hardcore porn in iOS 10’s new iMessenger gif image search. Searching “butts” turned up a NSFW My Little Pony image that was quickly taken down, but that’s nothing compared to what they found when they searched “huge.”

You can find the answer for yourself here, but be aware that even pixelated, it’s incredibly not safe for work.

Apple’s search is currently powered by Bing, but the danger of searching the internet is dealing with all the citizens of the internet. Still, the company has acted quickly, shutting down such problematic options as “butts,” “penis,” “dong,” and “boobs.” Even “huge” now brings up no results. Don’t worry fans of the Rock, if you type in “Johnson,” Apple’s gif search knows exactly what you want to see.


If you’re a Reddit fan, Dickbutt is still an option.


Interestingly, while Apple made waves recently for removing the gun emoji from iOS 10 and replacing it with a water pistol, they will still let you search for “gun” in gifs.

So if you need to really let folks know what you think, at least you’ll have options—provided what you think isn’t sexy.


H/T Deadpan / DailyDot

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