• September 24, 2022

ISIS Raising Money in a Way We All Can Support


ISIS is allegedly finding problems raising enough money to support their ongoing war with Iraq and Syria.  Rumors have spread that they have found a way to raise part of the money they need and many Americans should encourage them ro raise even more using the same method.  You see, they are harvesting organs from their wounded soldiers and selling those organs on the black market.  I applaud them for their efforts but I think they could raise more money if they wouldn’t wait until they are injured.  Just line your men up and pick up out the healthiest ones to ensure the highest rate of returns on their harvested parts, just like Planned parenthood does.

Sources say doctors were threatened to get them to comply with demands from ISIS to harvest the organs needed for sale.  The same source says that ISIS is taking blood from prisoners also to sell to raise money to pay their fighters.

The jihadi group have allegedly been extracting vital organs from their wounded fighters and using them to sell abroad to raise much needed funds for their fighters dreadful salary

I’d like to offer a toast.  “May ISIS raise billions in their new endeavor.”  If they sell enough organs, they won’t have any fighters to pay.

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