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ISIS Tortures and Rape Children, Kill Them and Sends Videos to Parents


It seems like everyday that ISIS reminds us why they must not just be defeated but wiped off the face of the Earth.  It also reminds us that we have no leadership in the oval office.  If we are ever in desperate need for a game of golf, Obama’s the man but when it comes to anything else, he’s as worthless as teats on a boar hog.  ISIS doesn’t just kill, they keep finding new ways to kill, while maximizing the pain and suffering.  While, it’s bad when they do that to adults, it’s worse when they do that to small children.

It’s gotten so bad with the torture and inhumane treatment, that beheadings are the mildest form of death they mete out.  The latest atrocities attributed to ISIS is their treatment of Christian children.  Obama has brought over 11,000 Syrian refugees into the United States.  Only 53 are Christian and the rest are Muslims.  Yet, it’s the Christians who are most vulnerable.  Obama won’t help them though because it’s against his religion to aid infidels.

they now have people take videos of the rape and torture of young girls.  They are so brutal that many of the girls commit suicide rather than face the cruel treatment that will end with their death anyway.  The ISIS terrorists beat and rape the young girls before killing them.  They then dismember the bodies and return the body to the parents along with the video, in order to maximize the pain.

From The US Herald:

Jacqueline Isaac, a human rights activist and lawyer spoke at the United Nations not in those capacities, but “as a fellow human being.” The speech was given in April, but her message is only now being heard.

“Where are you, world? Where are you, world?”

The story Isaac told is of girls kidnapped, raped and tortured by ISIS.

Some committed suicide to escape the brutality.

Others were killed by ISIS fighters, but not before the crimes against them were videotaped and sent to their parents.

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