• June 27, 2022

Islamic Flood Gates Are About To Open – Again

In an effort to build “White Guilt” to a fevered pitch, international media is running stories about the terrible conditions facing millions of people in of all places, Yemen. The latest horror stories center around the charges that the people are being “willfully starved” by both the sides of the warring factions. Sources on the ground say blocking supplies and aid has become a prime objective of both sides in an effort to gain an upper hand in the ongoing civil war.

In fact, an Oxfam adviser is calling on the international community to urgently address the dire humanitarian crisis. According to Oxfam, there are currently 7 million people “on the brink of famine” in Yemen. And the situation is being made worse by policies that are limiting food and supplies from reaching the “innocent” people. Between “the fighting and the bombing,” there are just “a few months” left before mass starvation sets in.


Well what can we do? Oxfam has the answer. Their spokesman Stanforth said he was appealing to the international community to “wake up to the crisis” and act promptly, referring to both the urgently needed ceasefire and the plight of the population. He went on to say that “We actually spoke to 2,000 people just before Christmas and nine out of 10 of them said that they’ve no longer got any food. There were some horrible stories. One person said he was going to try and sell his kidney as he hadn’t got any money for food. When you leave your home, when you flee, you’ve got nothing left basically. There’s no more job, you leave your farms. It’s a horrible situation,” Stanforth said. “I speak to colleagues on a daily basis, and even they are struggling to get by.”

Now in case you have missed the underlining theme here. That point is that if things don’t change very soon, then by this summer we are going to have a mass exodus of Yemenis that have little to no regard for human life, especially those that don’t believe in Allah, the one true God. Just how many of these poor refugees do you think will really be ISIS or al-Qaeda terrorists. Terrorists eager to take revenge on the supporters of the Saudi-led coalition that has been bombing Yemen’s terrorists for the last two years. That coalition has forced over 3 million people to leave their homes and killed 50,000 of them.

Now the only question is, “just how many of them do you want your country to import this summer?”

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