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How Often Your Phone Photographs You Is Absolutely Frightening!

Wow, this is off the charts creepy and it just gives us all another reason not to trust “Big Tech”, but it isn’t like I was a huge fan of them in the first place. We all know that these tech corporations are using their swanky devices as another way to invade our privacy by sneaking in calling it convenience.

Of course, as technology grows we can totally use it to better serve us but there are people out there that only want more ways to control the masses and spy on them. We know that already and Edward Snowden showed us just exactly how they are doing it to all of us.

Now, if all that wasn’t creepy enough another story is coming out, and before you cry it is fake news, ABC News is saying it is in fact true.

It has been discovered that your phone or at least your iPhone is taking pictures of you every 5 to 10 seconds without you knowing it. One woman on TikTok heard the rumors that this was occurring and decided to test it out herself using a camera with an infrared lens, and you can clearly see it happening.

This is a huge invasion of privacy!


Here is more from ABC News:

A video showing a mobile device snapping infrared images of an iPhone user is circulating around the internet and is catching many by surprise.

In the Tik Tok shared by user Brie Thomason, a digital camera using an infrared lens is seen filming an iPhone user observing their home screen. As the iPhone user stares blatantly at the device, Thomason’s digital camera captures the iPhone snapping multiple infrared images every 5-10 seconds.

Since the video was uploaded to social media on May 8, it has garnered over 224k likes and over 17.5k shares; alarming some and catching many off guard.

While this discovery may cause some users to panic, Apple claims this is actually just an aspect of the iPhone that allows users to control their face ID and Animoji (the animated emoji function).

According to Apple, this feature was first debuted as the iPhone X’s most groundbreaking function; since it is not even discernible at first glance, even though it literally stares you in the face.

So, yes, your Iphone is essentially taking “invisible” photos of you, but not for the reasons you would think.

Now your first thought maybe that this is needed to power things like FaceID.

However, that makes absolutely no sense when you really think about it. FaceID should only be activated when you are logging into the device and it should not be activated when you are just looking at your phone. Why in the world does your iPhone need to take a picture every 5-10 seconds and what are they using these images for?

I think Apple has some explaining to do and I need to get some tape to put over my phone now too.

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