• July 24, 2024

Ivy League Illegals Demand Free Medical and a Free Ride

Illegal aliens attending Columbia University have made 13 demands on the school, including free medical and mandatory sensitivity training for all faculty and administrators.  The illegal aliens also object to being called illegal.  I wish I were the president of Columbia for one day.  These ILLEGAL ALIENS are already getting a free ride on the $68,000 a year tuition and now they want their entire lives paid for by the tuition of legal students.  I would invite ICE onto the campus to haul these leeches away until they can be returned from whence they came.

 The illegal immigrant group, called Undocumented Students Initiative (UndoCU for short), presented its list of 13 demands on Facebook last week.

Among its 13 demands, the group calls for “full reimbursement” of health insurance fees for students who are illegal immigrants. Currently, Columbia only reimburses illegal immigrant students for “portions of these fees,” the document says.

As Campus Reform notes, Columbia — like virtually every other college in the United States — requires enrolled students to maintain health insurance. Columbia students who are not sufficiently insured by their families must pay up to $3,000 each year in health insurance fees.

A single year of tuition, fees and room and board at Columbia costs $68,300. However, students whose families have total incomes of less than $60,000 typically attend the Ivy League bastion for free — with zero loans for parents or students.

The illegal immigrants at Columbia say they are unsatisfied with the school’s generous financial aid.

“Some of us were on the verge of homelessness. Some, including their families, are at high risk of deportation,” the UndoCU Facebook post claims. “That the university is not active in aiding and ameliorating these problems demonstrates Columbia’s lack of intrinsic interest in its undocumented students.”

As such, the Columbia University UndoCU illegal immigrants group demands “specialized fundraising for undocumented students” to underwrite “undocumented student specific scholarships and grants.”

Additional ultimatums include a demand for “specifically trained immigration counselors as well as counselors trained in trauma” and a demand for “career counselors who understand” the “unique situation” of illegal immigrants “and the sensitive attention it demands.”

The UndoCU group also wants illegal immigrant students to be reimbursed for a $70 fee charged to international students.

And they want an immediate end to the “shifty, disorganized, and un-proactive” summer housing process which some illegal immigrants claim to have faced when dealing with the Columbia administration.

“We are willing to work with anyone, to any extent, in order to resolve these issues,” the illegal immigrant group says. “We refuse, however, to amend or change any of these demands.”

H/T The Daily Caller


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