• February 9, 2023

Jill Swine DID Uncover massive Election Fraud


While conservatives are crowing that Swine failed to uncover the massive voter fraud, she claimed occurred in the 2016 presidential election, the evidence is undeniable that voter fraud did happen in Michigan.  State Elections Director Chris Thomas audited 20 precincts in Detroit that showed there were more votes in those precincts than people who showed up to vote.  In fact, one third of all precincts in Detroit showed more votes than voters who showed up to vote.  248 of the city’s 662 precincts, or 37 percent, to be exact.  One precinct had 306 votes but only 52 voters.

Hillary Clinton won Detroit by a massive amount and this shows us why.  My guess is this was a local plot or at least one Hillary wasn’t aware of since she signed on to the recount that was sure to expose the fraudulent votes.  Jill Swine was in the dark too, although she is in the dark about so many things it’s as if she lives in a land of constant eclipses.

From The Detroit News:

The new report, compiled by Wayne County elections officials, sheds light on the extent of the problems and shows a systematic tendency toward counting more votes than the previous Wayne County report, which didn’t specify if precincts had over-counted or under-counted ballots.

Republican state senators last week called for an investigation in Wayne County, including one precinct where a Detroit ballot box contained only 50 of the 306 ballots listed in a poll book, according to an observer for Trump.

City officials have told state officials that ballots in that precinct were never taken out of a locked bin below the voting machine tabulator on Election Day, said Secretary of State spokesman Fred Woodhams.

“That’s what we’ve been told, and we’ll be wanting to verify it,” Woodhams said. “At any rate, this should not have happened.”

The state is not calling the audit an investigation, “but based on what we find, it could lead to more,” he said.

City Clerk Janice Winfrey and Elections Director Daniel Baxter did not return multiple messages.


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