• July 13, 2024

Judge Throws Out BLM Lawsuit…Web of Lies


A lawsuit filed by BLM against the police in Ferguson has been thrown out with prejudice (Means it cannot be refiled) after the judge ruled that BLM could not produce even one fact backing their claim that they were mistreated by the police as they committed breaking and entering, arson and looting.  The city of Ferguson had moved to throw the case out and U.S. District Judge Henry Autrey agreed.  Although many made specific charges against the police, there was no video or witnesses to back up their claim.

One of the worst accusations was made by Tracey White.  She claimed that she was harassed inside a McDonalds and then was arrested outside the restaurant as a policeman held her on the ground, with his knee in her back and hurling racial epithets against her.  Unfortunately for White, there was a video of her arrest.  First, she wasn’t arrested at McDonald’s and secondly, when she was arrested, she was standing on her feet and the police didn’t say a word to her as they put the hand ties on her.

Judge Autrey found all of the other accusations against the police to be equally unreliable or just plain outright lies.  The judge pointed out that the police gave rioters many warnings to the protesters, including the fact that they would be arrested if they didn’t cease and desist.

BLM had been suing the city of Ferguson for 41.5 million dollars for the violation of their civil rights.  They had submitted a long list of alleged violations but once in court, they were unable to prove that even one of them was valid.  BLM can appeal the case but since they have absolutely no evedence, it wouldn’t matter.  They can only appeal the case based on what they presented in front of Judge Autrey.

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