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Judge Who Lifted Trump’s Ban Is A Supporter of Domestic Terror Group “Black Lives Matter”

Federal Judge James Robart on Friday lifted the travel ban put into place by President Trump even though the Supreme Court had ruled in 1978 that the 1952 law was totally legal.  That’s not exactly true.


When the ACLU sued the Carter administration over it’s ban on immigrants and visitors from Iran, the Supreme Court refused to take the case because there was zero chance the ACLU would win.  That’s actually worse than losing.  Click here to read that story.

Judge Robart has a conflict of interest in this case.  He is a huge supporter of the domestic terror group, Black Lives Matter.  Furthermore, on the same day another court ruled that the ban was both legal and constitutional. (That judge doesn’t support terrorism)

The judge cried his eyes out as he delivered his judgement  emotions, proving he is the prototypical snowflake terrorist supporter.

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