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Lawmaker defends state trooper for reporting illegal immigrant felon to feds



President Trump has taken a strong stand to Make America Safe Again with his series of executive orders to protect citizens and families against illegal criminal immigrants. When a Washington state police trooper alerted federal immigration officials about the whereabouts of a previously deported convicted felon, he received a sanctuary city backhand from his superiors and a state senator is investigating, according to the Daily Caller. Does making America safe include Washington State?

The officer was simply following protocol when he arrived at the scene of an accident and in the process of completing a routine check realized that he had an illegal immigrant perp who was involved in the accident.  As it turned, reports The News Tribune, the illegal immigrant, Armando Chavez Corona, was not only a convicted felon but he had also been deported.

The state trooper immediately contacted Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to confirm the details and ICE officials arrived to detain the illegal immigrant.  Unfortunately for the officer, for performing the legally correct federal procedure he got into hot water with his superiors due to a sanctuary protection internal policy that forbid him from exerting any effort to help federal immigration officials. His bosses decided to immediately begin a review of his conduct.

That review did not sit well with Washington state Sen. Steve O’Ban , and he sent a letter to Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat and expressed his express “serious concerns” about the matter. He added that he felt the review is “puzzling, if not deeply concerning,” according to the Daily Caller.

What is troubling to state legislators like Inslee and others across America is how easy and convenient it has become for illegal immigrant felons to be left unfettered to continue their crimes against society without any repercussions.  Corona, had been kicked out of the country at least four times between 1996 and 2000, and like a bad penny he managed to illegal cross the border.  In addition, the illegal immigrant had been convicted on a felony drug charge, according to ICE officials.

Worse yet, the offending criminal immigrant was not detained at the scene or arrested by local or federal officials despite his previous. Apparently one win for illegal immigrant sanctuary protective policies and one more loss for Making America Safe Again.

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