• July 24, 2024

Lawyer Refuses to Take Off BLM Button, Gets Tossed into Jail

blm button

A lawyer in Youngstown, Ohio was arrested and tossed into jail for refusing to remove a Black Lives Matter button from her clothing.  She was sentenced to five days in jail but was released pending her appeal, which she is very unlikely to win.  Judges are given wide latitude when it comes to clothing choices in their courtroom.  The lawyer, Andrea Burton, claims her first Amendment rights were violated and the local chapter of the NAACP says her constitutional rights were violated.  However, the far left ACLU says the judge has the right to ban political messages in his courtroom.  So says the Supreme Court.

After the appeal, Burton will have to return to her cell and serve the sentence Judge Robert Milich imposed.  The judge repeatedly asked her to remove the button and then had her come to his chambers, but she still refused and he cited her for contempt of court.


Judge Milich explained:

 “There’s a difference between a flag, a pin from your church or the Eagles and have a pin that’s on a political issue.”

Burton defended herself (If she defends her clients this way, she must have a lot of friends in prison):

“To remain neutral becomes an accomplice to oppression.”

“It’s an act of civil disobedience, I understand that. I’m not anti-police, I work with law enforcement and I hold them in the highest regard, and just to say for the record I do believe all lives matter. But at this point they don’t all matter equally, and that’s the problem in the justice system.”

Employers, schools and courtrooms are allowed to limit free speech.

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