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Lecturer Claims Blacks and Hispanics are Lazy and Stupid With No Manners



Heather Hackman operates Hackman Consulting Group and has in the past been an instructor of teachers at  Minnesota’s St. Cloud State University.  Hackman told the teachers at the conference that they shouldn’t even be teachers if they aren’t willing to deluge their students with propaganda.  But the most amazing thing she told them is that blacks and Hispanic students are lazy, stupid and ill mannered.  Maybe not in those exact words but by description.

What she did say was that white students who worked hard and got good grades and showed up on time are a form of white supremacy.  So, if we accept that premise, then the opposite must be true of blacks and Hispanics, who are not white supremacists.  Therefore, they don’t work, don’t get good grades and are never on time.  Hillary Clinton acknowledged that when she spoke of BPT. (Black people’s time)

From the Daily Caller:

Heather Hackman operates Hackman Consulting Group and was formerly a professor of multicultural education at Minnesota’s St. Cloud State University, where she taught future teachers. On Friday, Hackman was given a platform at WPC to deliver a workshop with the lengthy title “No Freedom Unless We Call Out the Wizard Behind The Curtain: Critically Addressing the Corrosive Effects of Whiteness in Teacher Education and Professional Development.” The long title masked a simple thesis on Hackman’s part: Modern education is hopelessly tainted by white supremacy and the “white imperial gaze,” and the solution is to train prospective teachers in college to be activists as well as pedagogues.

In fact, Hackman argued teachers shouldn’t even bother teaching if they aren’t committed to promoting social justice in school.

“Education is not about the mere reproduction of knowledge,” Hackman said. “Education is the practice of freedom. And as a result, we have to have [teaching] students becomes activists as well as teachers.”

Creating educators who are proper activists, Hackman continued, means training them to not only to encourage diversity but also to engage with the systemic oppression she says is pervasive in the entire educational system. In Hackman’s telling, virtually everything associated with being a good student in modern education is actually just a tool of racist white supremacy.

“The racial narrative of White tends to be like this: Rugged individual, honest, hard-working, disciplined, rigorous, successful,” she said. “And so then, the narrative of U.S. public education: Individual assessments, competition, outcome over process (I care more about your grades than how you’re doing), ‘discipline’ where we care more about your attendance and making sure you’re not tardy than we care about your relationships  … proper English must be spoken (which is just assimilation into standard U.S. dialect), hierarchical power structure, and heavy goal orientation.”


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