• July 15, 2024

Liberal Crickets Sing As More Suspects Are Named In New Orleans Mass Shooting

I guess the American public is hereby forever relegated to a sub standard level of truth and information, subject to what liberal media deems appropriate. It’s just a good thing you all don’t live in New Orleans or happened to be in the playground at the time of a mass shooting by several black youths. It’s unfortunate, however for those that were, because their misfortune didn’t seem to be worthy of coverage.

Redstate hit the nail on the head when they comments on news coverage. “It was barely there.”

The location is New Orleans; home of many political footballs in the last decade. The incident was a shooting; the most (forgive me) triggering situation possible in American discourse. The number of victims was 17; more than were shot in Charleston. The setting? A playground.

A playground.

This is news from Louisiana on Sunday. Seventeen people were shot but survived when gunfire erupted on on a playground where a block party was going in New Orleans. If you did not hear about it, do not be surprised. It was barely news. It is amazing to think that there was not a huge media blitz, that there were not the standard outrageous, grandstanding tweets, or the ridiculous parade of pseudo-experts on CNN and MSNBC to spend hours talking about gun control. The endless blog posts, the overwrought editorials. None of those. And why is that?

Click2Houston posted a story late last week as two more thugs were rounded up for the crime.

New Orleans police on Friday named four men they suspect were among the gunmen who took part in a mass shooting at Bunny Friend Park last month that left 17 people injured.

In a news release posted on the department’s website, police identified the suspects as Lawrence “L” Veals, 19, Quendrick “C4” Bailey, 20, Michael “Mack” Allen, 29, and Rashad “KMG EZZY” Walker, 22. The New Orleans Times-Picayune and WDSU-TV reported Veals surrendered to police night. Police said all four, who have criminal histories and gang ties, are expected to face 17 counts of attempted first-degree murder in the Nov. 22 incident, the newspaper said.

A fifth suspect, Joseph “Moe” Allen, 32, gave himself up to authorities Nov. 28.

WDSU said police believe several other people were involved in the shooting.

And even though they posted the story, it’s short and no followup on on charges, condition of the victims, future of the suspects consequences alluded to. I guess it just doesn’t warrant the effort. Hmm. Wonder why?

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