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Liberals Draw Sick Conclusion About White Babies Who Are As Young As 6 Months Old In Study

Liberals, in their never-ending quest to prove every white person is a racist are now citing a new study published several months ago, which claims babies as young as 6 months old can be racist. The so-called experts that conducted this study claim these children are racist and/or have biased tendencies because they are only surrounded by their own race. For babies between the age of 6 to 9 months, this makes sense since the only people they are around are family. The only exception would be if the baby was in a mixed-race family, a variable this study did not examine. From the beginning the intent and hypothesis were flawed The intent was to come up with so pseudo-science ‘proof’ that all white people are racist.

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Most child development experts have previously agreed that children create racially biased tendencies while they are in preschool, and depending on the environment the child is exposed to this may be true. The Daily Mail reported back in April of this year on the study, “The findings are said to be a result of the overwhelming exposure infants have to their own race, and experts have warned it is wise to introduce children to people from a variety of races before the issues deepen”. So the experts here purposely exposed children to people of their own race, and were then somehow shocked that the children gravitated toward what they are familiar with? Further, to suggest that parents go out of their way to simply expose their children to others of a different race is preposterous. Especially when you consider that some children may live in a demographic which is predominantly white or black. What these so called experts did not consider is, children will always gravitate to what they know. It has nothing to do with the fact the the child is racist, or they hate someone based on the color of their skin. They are to young to form those judgments. Nevertheless, liberals take this as an opportunity to demonize the white race, and normalize hate against white people in general.

The institutions who participated in this study include the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), as well as researchers from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and China. Surprisingly, these geniuses observed “infants six to nine months of age looked longer at own-race faces when paired with happy music as opposed to with sad music”.  This after the babies were subjected to happy and sad music, mixing up the sequence of which race they were shown on a screen when the music was playing. Keep in mind some of these children have been in relatively segregated environments with their parents, and the study and method was not conducted over a very long time frame, nor does it account for the randomness with which kids act.

Here is the good part. Fear not because if your baby is racist, you can reverse their racism. “A University of Delaware scientist has discovered a simple exercise that he claims can undo this unconscious racial biases in young children. Using the technique of measuring how much time the babies spend looking at pictures of faces, Paul Quinn has spent a decade studying how infants classify race and gender”. The suggestions which researchers and these so called experts are making are tantamount to creating political re-education camps. Now they want something for infants? Conservatives should not be shocked by this. Liberals are only tolerant with those who have the same views as them. If you disagree with a liberal, you and your babie(s) are racist.

What is truly sad about this study is that many so-called educated people are taking it seriously, and it is only a matter of time before this nonsense makes its way into ‘cultural diversity’ training in the workplace. This study and others like it set a dangerous precedent in the scientific community. Yet, it is no wonder that the liberals involved with drafting this garbage never considered any variables other than their own, and never accounted for kids being kids. Did the study address the environment of bi-racial babies and their families? No. Did the study take into account kids simply gravitate to what they know? No. And this study certainly did not take into account that children between the ages of 6 to 9 months lack the cognitive ability to hate someone based on race.

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