Liberals Meltdown Over PIC of Ivanka Trump Wearing Pretty Teal Dress In Oval Office

In her posts on Twitter and Instagram, Ivanka Trump was pictured in the Oval Office as President Trump signed a new technology bill into law.

Following the post, Ivanka’s dress became the focus of discussion.

She was wearing a dark green dress with a pussy-bow blouse detail – a high collar design with feminist roots, somewhat popular with politicians. Ivanka had worn a pussy-bow blouse in 2016 to a presidential debate, sparking rumors that it was a subtle dig at her father’s derogatory comments about women recorded in 2005 by Access Hollywood.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Ivanka Trump

Photo Credit: Twitter/Ivanka Trump

Diet Prada, a fashion and culture commentary Instagram account, compared Ivanka’s green dress to the one worn by Serena Joy Waterford, a villain and major character in Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, a show based on Margaret Atwood’s novel of the same name.

Diet Prada’s caption referred to Ivanka’s dress as “a shade that can only be described as ‘Gilead green,'” referring to The Handmaid’s Tale fictional Republic of Gilead. Comments poured in, with one person writing: “OK, her stylists are doing this on purpose at this point.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/Diet Prada

Photo Credit: Instagram/Diet Prada

Ane Crabtree, a costume designer on the show, also seemed to draw parallels between Ivanka’s dark-green dress and Serena Joy Waterford’s style. Crabtree posted a collage of Waterford and Ivanka on Instagram, and captioned the post with an excerpt from Atwood’s novel.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Jens

Photo Credit: Twitter/Jens

It is unclear which brand or designer made the dress, but Ivanka has worn it at least one other time: while visiting Pennsylvania for her father’s re-election campaign in September.

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