• July 13, 2024

Liberals Sending Death Threats to 12 year Old Female Hunter

Aryanna Gourdin, a twelve year old girl from Utah is receiving death threats on her Facebook page after she posted pictures of the giraffe she killed while on safari in Africa.  You see snowflakes are real brave when it comes to very young girls or extremely old men.  You never see one of them try to take a young man in his prime on unless they have an 8 to 1 advantage.

 One of the most controversial pictures showed Aryanna posing with a dead giraffe, holding her rifle up in victory.

“Thanks for reminding me that stupid people still exist.. Please consider using that thing in your head next time, that what we call A BRAIN,” one user wrote, according to Daily Mail.

Aryanna has been pictured hunting with a bow and a rifle. As well as African animals, like giraffes and zebras, she has also been photographed with animals native to North America like bears and deer.

Family friend Mark Martineau, who runs Rack Em Up Hunts and organized a safari to Africa involving Aryanna and her father, Eli, defended the girl.

“All of these death threats towards a child because she chooses to hunt,” Martineau wrote on his business page.

“You threaten her or her family and you’ll have to come through her father and myself and thousands of others. I promise you I wouldn’t hesitate,” he added.

Aryanna’s photos provoked even more extreme responses.

Comments included “Literally hope someone skins you,” “makes me wanna kill her” and “do the world a favor and kill yourself already before someone makes you disappear.”

Others have defended Aryanna, saying she is contributing to conservation work. They also point to the fact that the meat from the dead animals was donated to local orphanages.

“Not many 12 year olds let alone grown men have experienced as many hunts as this little lady has […] this little gal is the next big thing,” administrators on Rack Em Up wrote of Aryanna, according to SFGate.

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