Lights Go Out on Broadway: New York City Theaters Agree to Close for Month Over Coronavirus

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday that Broadway theaters will be closed effective 5 p.m. EDT as part of a statewide order barring gatherings of over 500 people to prevent spread of the Wuhan coronavirus, COVID-19. The order is in effect until the week of April 13, according to Playbill.


Cuomo posted the announcements to Twitter:

“We are taking new actions to reduce the density of people across the state. Starting Friday at 5pm, gatherings with 500 people or more will not be permitted in NYS. Additionally, for facilities with an occupancy of 500 or fewer, we are reducing the legal capacity by 50%…For Broadway theaters in Manhattan, these rules will go into effect at 5pm TODAY. We have already spoken to the theaters about these new measures and they agreed.”

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