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Little Girl Begs Boat to Blow It’s Whistle..Watch Her Reaction When It Does [VIDEO]

I remember when my son was five.  My wife and I decided we would take him to Disney World.  My wife had gone there as a child but I came from poor parents with eight children and it was just another dream that would never be fulfilled for me.  Although I admit, I enjoyed it immensely through my son.  On the way down from Pennsylvania, we taught my son to make a motion for trucks to blow their air horns.  Big mistake.  It was a long trip and many many trucks.


So when I first saw this little girl making the motion to a large cargo ship, it reminded me of that trip until the captain blew the ship’s horn.  I grabbed my remote and hit the mute button as I was transferring the image from my computer to my television.  The horn blew me away.

The girl seemed to get tired of pumping her arm, begging the captain to blow the horn and when he did, the girl woke up quickly and ran away as fast as she could.  The captain must have been laughing his ass off.  Be careful what you wish for.

More than 9 million people have watched the clip he uploaded to YouTube. And thousands have left comments, including the following.

“Good thing I was using my headphones just at 31% volume… still, powerful sound,” wrote Josue Cortez.

Kenny Tee wrote, “Girl: Look at me! Look at me! (HONK! HONK! – girl runs off) Captain: Look at me! I’m the Captain now.”

Ryot Baker wrote, “I gotta say the people driving the boat have some good eyesight from seeing that small girl asking if they could honk the horn that’s pretty impressive.”

Warning:  You may want to turn the volume down before viewing.

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