Little Girl Left Home Alone, Parents Come Home to Horror [VIDEO]

A little girl was left home alone while her parents ran errands in China. Usually this is a fine idea, apart from the fact that this little girl was no older than six or seven years old. Way too young to responsibly care for herself. I’m just glad there were two heroes around who helped saved this little girl’s life. Her parents should be ashamed of themselves.


H/T Viral Nova

They Left Their Little Girl Home Alone When This Horror Happened On The Balcony

In Meizhou, China, that became a reality after a little girl was left unattended while her parents ran errands. Her age has not been reported, but she appears to be no older than six or seven — far too young, many would say, to look after herself.

After the small girl went onto the family’s fourth-story balcony, she slipped through the metal bars and was left dangling by her head. Thankfully, two brave men cut her free with a pair of pliers. If they hadn’t come to her rescue, she would have strangled to death or fallen

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