• June 21, 2024

#LiveTweetYourPeriod Is An Actual Thing. And It’s Not Just Women Participating Either.

Some days I look up into the heavens and want to scream “WHYYYYYYYYYYYY????”

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According to the New York Times Magazine, the latest “Smash the Patriarchy!” craze from liberal feminism is… to live-tweet your period. Excuse me – #LiveTweetYourPeriod. Everything from potato chip cravings to used tampons to cramps and everything else you can think of. If it has to do with your time of the month, ladies, these chicks want to hear about it. In alllllll it’s glorious, disgusting detail –

On the surface, this seems like little more than communal commiseration, but to me, it felt like something bigger: a microprotest against a modern paradox. Social media is saturated with images of hypersexualized women, but these are rarely considered as scandalous as content that dares to reveal how a woman’s body actually functions. The hashtag came to my attention a few weeks after Rupi Kaur, an artist and poet, posted images on Instagram of a woman, fully clothed, with what appear to be menstrual stains on her pants. Soon an Instagram user or moderator flagged it as objectionable, and the post was quietly deleted. Which is precisely what Kaur expected to happen. She reposted the images with a note about Instagram that included the phrase “Their patriarchy is leaking.”

These two campaigns exist in separate but parallel universes, each highlighting gender bias as it exists on social media. Why is it that Facebook users are mostly fine with certain kinds of imagery (bikini-clad spring breakers, say) but often offended by others (a mother breast-feeding her child)? To activists, such double standards reinforce the notion that women’s bodies are primarily sexual objects — and that very little has changed since the days of old media. Perhaps posting about taboo topics ­in public, right alongside the quotidian details of our lives, helps normalize, desexualize and destigmatize women’s reproductive health — a topic shrouded in shame for far too long.

Oh. My. Sweet. Fresh. Hell. They actually DO think that simply being around feminine hygiene products will scare away guys. What, do they think it’s like a cross to ward off vampires?

I looked through the hashtag on Twitter and I found the chick who started it all. She wasn’t hard to find –

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If THAT is your most important contribution to society… wow. Talk about your low standards.

And if you want a sampling of the utter CRAY going on, here you go (anything else you want to search out is up to you) –

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I would usually dismiss this as a joke, but after spending all this time scrolling through the hashtag on Twitter, I’m not sure anymore. Did you HONESTLY worry about the feelings of a chicken during your period? I mean, I know PMS makes women kind of crazy and moody (and I will freely admit this) but – REALLY?

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Here is THIS shining example of liberal social justice logic wherein the basics of biology and science are COMPLETELY ignored –


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