• June 21, 2024

Look Who Is Funding The Clinton Campaign,Hint It Is Not The Little People

As we have seen over the past eight years, there is no more curtain to pull back. Every day right before our very eyes we see the elites, the power brokers just thumbing their noses at the working man and telling us “we can do it together”, at the same time sitting in luxurious hotel rooms drinking Bollinger 51 and concocting deals to keep the masses at each others throats while garnering more power and wealth. It’s not surprising, just sickening to see. It only goes to show you we are all slaves to the banks, what will it take for the masses to say , “To hell with this, I want my freedom”, turn caution to the wind and strike back. How long will it take.

According to federalist papers:


If you want to know what kind of president someone will be, pull back the curtain and look at who’s funding them.

As we do that with Hillary Clinton, keep in mind that compared to these numbers – in the many, many millions.Topping Hillary’s list is the Saban Capital Group. The “private investment firm,” (read: hedge fund) ha s given the Clinton campaign more than $10 million this year alone. Founded by Hami Saban, an Jewish Egyptian national, he has said his greatest concern is to protect Israel.

Sometimes it’s more than I can bare, watching this play out and people just thinking their vote is going to make a difference. Compare it to the list of generous backers on the link, tell me again who Hillary will really answer to. What do you say ?

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