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Major Corporations Are Plotting To Install Biden Into The White House & Oust Trump

Major corporations are eager to get rid of President Trump and his trade policies and are prepared to mount a pressure campaign against Republican legislators if Joe Biden isn’t installed into the White House.


In an eye-opening report that should show all Americans that there are no longer any vestiges of patriotism in many corporate boardrooms, Fortune 500 CEOS will make their push to oust Trump in favor of the China-friendly Democrat.

According to the CBS News report, the strategy was hatched during a video conference call by unnamed executives from “Fortune 500 finance, retail, media, and manufacturing companies” seeking a return to the America last policies of past administrations.

The report cites the Yale University management professor who convened the meeting that the executives will wait for the court challenges to play out but:

“…if Mr. Trump tries to undo the legal process or disrupts a peaceful transition to Biden, the CEOs discussed making public statements and pressuring GOP legislators in their states who may try to redirect Electoral College votes from Biden to Trump.” 

There are few entities that are more overtly fascistic and un-democratic than major corporations and the arrogance that they can swoop in to nullify the will of over 70 million American voters is a damning case that such corporations have become far too powerful.


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