• April 15, 2024

Man 48 Videos 13 year Old Girl For Over 4 years, Not Charged With Sex Crime (Video)

An Oregon man pleaded guilty this week to charges of burglary and invasion of personal privacy after it was discovered that he planted cameras in the bedroom of a now-18-year-old girl when she was just 13 years old.

Reports say that 48-year-old Beaverton, Oregon resident Bradley McCollum installed secret recording devices in Madison Reed’s bedroom when she was 13, and unbeknownst to the teen, she was being recorded every waking moment for four years. McCollum, a neighbor and friend of Reed’s dad, planted the cameras in the girl’s home bedroom as well as at his beach house to spy on her whenever the family came to visit him.


Reed’s parents found out about the cameras last year when they discovered a tiny camera stashed away under a pile of papers in their teenage daughter’s bedroom.

“I don’t like to think about it, but I think about it all the time — like all day. Every day,” Reed said. “There’s no choice but to think about it.”

Reed’s father was close with McCollum, and the two families frequently vacationed together at the suspect’s beach house. The shocked father says it took him and his wife time to admit that the cameras were put there by a man they considered to be a good friend.

“We were looking for every excuse to think it was someone else until we found proof,” Clark Reed, Madison’s father, said. “Our world was upside down.”

Madison’s mother reportedly decided to do a search after seeing McCollum leave the teen’s bedroom during a visit, and that search led to the parents finding the camera underneath the papers.


Now that McCollum has pleaded guilty, he will have to await sentencing, which is supposed to take place in March. He is expected to receive two years behind bars as part of the plea deal.

Sources: Daily Mail, NY Daily News, KGW / Photo Source: Daily Mail

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