• June 19, 2024

Man Ruthlessly Attacks Police Officer On Highway, Good Samaritan Responds

A man who was attacking an officer was shot and killed by a “good Samaritan” responding to the scene in front of him. After being asked to stop the attack, and refusing, Edward Strother was shot and ultimately died from his founds at the scene.

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Good Samaritan Who Shot And Killed Man Attacking Cop Has Finally Learned His Fate

When a passerby noticed that a civilian was assaulting a Lee County Sheriff’s deputy, he got out of his vehicle to intervene. But when the violent assailant refused to relent, the bystander drew his legally-owned gun and shot the attacker. The man, Edward Strother, did not survive…

In the aftermath, the fate of 35-year-old Ashad Russell, the man who protected the Sheriff’s deputy, was up in the air. For several months, the Florida state attorney’s office debated about how they would handle the man’s case. But last week, they decided in his favor and named him a “good Samaritan.”

Russell had witnessed the assault on Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy First Class Dean Bardes, instructed the attacker to stop, and when he didn’t he opened fire on the man. He had done it by the book and the Florida authorities were happy they could praise the man for his intervention.

The incident occurred on November 14, 2016 at Exit 123 on Interstate 75.

“Our agency review is closed and no further action action shall be taken by this office based upon the facts presented by this investigation and the applicable law,” a statement from the state attorney’s office read.

For a while, the police did not know the identity of Ashad Russell. The police attested that Russell was right in shooting the assailant. But the final decision rested with the Florida state attorney’s office. But now they have vindicated the man.

Bardes is a twelve-year veteran of the police force. On the fateful November morning around 9 am, he was working a traffic stop when Edward Strother sped past. The man nearly ran over Officer Bardes. Because of his reckless driving, Bardes began a high-speed pursuit.

Eventually, Strother pulled over on Exit 123. When he left the car, he met Bardes on the street and wrestled him to the ground. During the altercation, Strother struggled to get the officer’s firearm.

Bardes ordered Strother to stop. And when Russell arrived on the scene, he did the same thing. When Strother refused to listen, Russell withdrew his concealed carry handgun and opened fire on the man.

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Strother died on the scene. When the ambulance arrived, they attempted to do CPR on him, but “resuscitation efforts proved futile…Strother…suffered from gunshot wounds to the clavicle and neck area which led to cardiac arrest,” the official statement read.

After the state attorney’s office announced they would not press charges, Russell thanked them. He also thanked Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott “for their prompt review of the incident and for respecting his privacy until the investigation was completed,” the statement read.

“Mr. Russell and his family will continue to pray for everyone involved, especially the gentleman that passed away, and all those who witnessed the incident that day.”

As the state attorney’s office wrote, “This Agency Review is closed and no further action shall be taken by this office based upon the facts presented by this investigation and the applicable law.”

Do you think the Florida state attorney made the right decision? Should Good Samaritans be encouraged to step up?

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