• December 4, 2021

Man Shouts Allahu Akbar and Tries to Behead Prison Guard


A prison guard at the The Clallam Bay Corrections Center in Washington state was severely wounded by an Islamic prisoner, who shouted Allahu Akbar just before attacking.  The facility was placed under lockdown after the attack which occurred on September 28th.  Correctional officer Terry Breedlove suffered cuts in his facial area and has trouble with his memory.  He can stand up but has trouble maintaining his balance once he’s up.

Abdinjib Ibraham, a Muslim is responsible for the attack.  Ibraham was serving time for four counts of vehicular assault, driving under the influence, second-degree taking a motor vehicle and first-degree robbery.   He has been transferred to a maximum security prison in Walla Walla, Washington.  The investigation is ongoing and Ibraham will face a variety of charges including the attempted murder of a peace officer.

From the peninsuladailynews.com:

Correctional Officer Terry Breedlove remained at Forks Community Hospital and will remain there until he can walk, according to his family.

“He’s going to be here longer, I think,” said Breedlove’s mother, Joanne Spaulding.

Breedlove suffered a brain injury during an attack Jan. 25 by inmate Abdinjib Ibraham, 28, of King County, investigators said.

An MRI was performed on Breedlove on Saturday. It showed injuries to two vertebrae, Spaulding said.

Breedlove can stand but experiences difficulty once standing, she said.

Remains on lockdown

The prison, which holds 900 inmates, went on lockdown after the attack and remained on lockdown Monday.

Inmates are confined to their cells and there is no visitation.

Ibraham said “Allahu akbar” (an Islamic phrase meaning “God is greater”) twice — once when he hit the guard, and again after the attack, said Brian King, chief criminal deputy for the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Ed Anderson, the West End supervisor for the Sheriff’s Office who is in charge of the investigation into the attack, said he spent most of Monday interviewing witnesses in the prison.



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