• November 29, 2023

Maryland District Tells Students,”Do Not Tell Parents About Transgenders”

The indoctrination continues at the school level when it comes to transgender students. My question is, do these educators let their children participate in these events? Do the educators really believe in this or is it just fear of losing a pay check and benefits their position affords? And my last question, What parent let’s their child decide he or she wants to go through this procedure? Does the child know what is to be done at such an early age? It seems so unnatural.

According to Young Conservatives:

A Maryland school district is instructing teachers and administrators not to tell parents if their daughters are bunking with male transgender students on overnight field trips. Bob Mosier, chief communications officer for the Anne Arundel County public school system, says in a training video on how to accommodate transgender students that privacy issues prevent the district from informing parents about such arrangements.

I’m not going to change the course of this debate, but for sure I would want to know if this were the case, and if so I would, make a decision if I would want this to happen based on my beliefs, which should be respected as the other. That being said , it is no wonder so many more people chose to Home School. A child is confused enough without having to deal with these shenanigans. What ever happened to reading, writing and arithmetic? What do you think?


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