• October 1, 2023

Mass Hysteria Breaks Out At Disney On Christmas Day, The Reason Will Leave You Shocked!

They say Disney is the happiest place on earth, but that was not the case on Christmas Day. Instead of smiling faces, there was horror.

Chaos broke out at Disney Springs on Christmas Day after people mistook sounds from a fistfight for gun shots.

Yes really.

Witnesses say parents grabbed their kids and literally ran for their lives.

“There was a stampede at the Lego store at Disney Springs,” Melissa Paz said.

“Luckily we were only on the outside area of the store and were able to shield the kids from the mob,” she continued. “Shaken, but not a scratch on us.”

Sources say the mass hysteria began after a fight broke out on the second floor of Bongos Cuban Cafe. For some reason, that cued some to shout, “Shots fired!”

Ariana Landi was eating at Bongos Cafe with her family when the fight broke out and rumor started.

“People scrambled over tables and ducked down where they could find cover,” Landi said.

“People were just trying to run and get out as fast as they could because they didn’t know what was going on,” she added.

Even though there were no shots fired, that’s all it took to spread mass panic.





Thankfully it was all a false alarm. But unfortunately, due to our culture people are paranoid of any possibility and that is what makes this story so sad. What do you think?

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