• March 1, 2024

Mass Shooting on Jacksonville Landing..Multiple Fatalities

There has been a mass shooting at the popular Jacksonville Landing in Florida. The gunman is dead and police say there are multiple fatalities but have refused to say how many. The shooting occurred during the Madden 19 roll out, the newest version of the popular football game named for John Madden. Police are not releasing any information at this time and they are on the lookout for a second gunman, if there is one. Police are stressing the warning that no one should enter the area as it might still be an ongoing situation.

From Fox News

The shooting took place in the Jacksonville Landing area, which is located along the St. Johns River and is described as an area with “a wide variety of waterfront dining options and a cozy inside shopping mall.”

Several people on social media participating in the Madden NFL Championship Series reported hearing gunshots shortly after 1:30 p.m. during the livestream of the tournament on the platform Twitch. Sunday’s event was held at GLHF Game Bar, which is located in Jacksonville Landing.

A video surfaced on social media showed players disconnecting from the game as gunshots were heard in the background.


Police say they will not release any more details until they are certain things are under control.

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