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MI Gov Whitmer Has Some Explaining To Do: 20-Yr-Old Black Man With “Mental Issues” Who Brutally Beat 77-Yr-Old Vet In Nursing Home

Nursing home patients in Michigan who’ve been infected with COVID19 have been dropping like flies.


According to Deadline Detroit – The state of Michigan does not know how many elderly people in its nursing homes have died from Covid-19.

More shocking, bureaucrats have no idea how many elderly people have died whose care has been entrusted to the state.

On April 15, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed Executive Order 2020-50. The order required nursing homes to care for any current residents who test positive for COVID-19 but aren’t sick enough to require hospitalization, in a dedicated area of the facility.

Two days ago, a video went viral on Twitter that showed a young black man, brutally beating an elderly white, male, nursing home patient, who laid motionless, as he was repeatedly punched in the head.

***WARNING***The video is extremely disturbing.


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