• July 13, 2024

Michael Moore Wants new Holiday and is Quickly Blasted By Viet Nam Vets

Michael Moore wants a new holiday.  He wants to celebrate the day the United States lost the Viet Nam War.  He also said this week that he hoped North Korea is victorious over the United States.  This tub of lard is trying to make himself relevant again by making himself a gigantic horse’s ass.  Saigon fell on April 30, 1975, after the United States pulled out of the South.

U.S. veteran Paul Palazzolo, who hails from Moore’s home state and has been revealed as the one person in America who actually likes Moore’s propaganda films does disagree with the holiday because he said that Washington could have won the war if they had really wanted to but instead caved to the hippies who protested the war.

 But he noted that Moore’s suggestion for a national “holiday,” as well as Moore’s declaration that America “lost” the war, is just “wrong.”

“The people in Washington didn’t want us to win it,” Palazzolo told TheBlaze, noting that “when you start a war, you finish a war.”

Another Viet Nam vet, John Spencer from Michigan echoed Palazzolo:

“Moore seems to make a living focusing on negative issues,” Spencer told TheBlaze. “He should be ashamed to continue to castigate those who served.”

Spencer said that “we — the young men who served in Vietnam — deserve better. We won the ground war. North Vietnam focused on stirring the anti-war movement in the U.S. and turned public sentiment against it. The U.S. government failed to live up to the agreements to continue support of South Vietnam, causing the deaths of many in South Vietnam.”

H/T The Blaze


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