Mississippi “Blue Lives Matter” Bill Makes Anti-Police Violence a Hate Crime



Law and order was decimated in nearly every urban setting in the nation during the Obama administration There was a historic escalation in murderous attacks and ambushes of police officers. Now, Mississippi joins states like Louisiana in moving forward on  a “Blue Lives Matter” bill that will deal harshly with criminals who target law enforcement and other first responders, according to the Clarion Ledger.

The state’s stricter police protection measure will make police assaults  hate crimes and joins President Trump’s stricter law and order administration goals to make “America Safe Again.”

There has been dramatic increase in police assassinations over the last few years due to the repugnant erroneous “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” movement birthed out of Ferguson, Missouri’s legal police officer shooting of Mike Brown. ‘The Black Lives Matter’ group used the shooting to inflame other urban areas like Baltimore, New York and even Dallas where five brave law enforcement officers were ambushed and murdered in July 2016.

On Tuesday, Mississippi’s Senate Judiciary Committee took direct aim on these domestic terrorists by passing Senate Bill 2469 provides, “If a crime is committed because the victim’s actual or perceived job is law enforcement, firefighter or emergency medical technician,” that action would be considered a hate crime just as it would if a person was targeted due to race, gender or religion.”

This is a significant because if a person is convicted under the provision of this law, that felon would be subject to a possible doubling of the standard sentence as well as not being eligible for early parole.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sean Tindell, R-Gulfport strongly feels the proposed legislation is critical.  He stated, “A person who kills a law enforcement officer is already subject to the death penalty under state law. However, under the proposed legislation I think everyone is aware where law enforcement was targeted, especially in Dallas” this bill can make a difference, reported the Clarion Ledger.

Not everyone is on board with the “Blue Lives Matter” legislation.  The Mississippi ACLU has opposed the new law and order legislation. According to its Executive Director, Jennifer Riley-Collins, written statement she states “Not only is this bill unnecessary, but there is absolutely no evidence it will make police safer.”  She goes on to say, “Not only is this bill unnecessary, but there is absolutely no evidence it will make police safer.”

This legislation not only increases valuable protections for law enforcement officers but it helps build a solid foundation for additional protective measures that can further prevent continued harm to law enforcement

The “Blue Lives Matter” Senate Bill 2469 now heads to the full Senate. If the bill passes in the Legislature, it will become law July 1.

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