• July 23, 2024

Mom Was Floored By Display in Valentine’s Day Section at Walmart

Susan Alexander went shopping at her local Walmart, when she started looking at the Valentine’s Day section.  What she saw absolutely floored her and in her anger confronted the store manager, who told her flatly that he was cross marketing and the display had been placed there on purpose.


So, what was it she found in the Valentine Day section that upset her so much?A full sized dispplay of Trojan condoms in the middle of children’s Valentines and candy.  When she checked back later they were moved.  So where were moved to?

Alexander was incensed and contacted the corporate offices of Walmart and when she checked again, they were removed.

From IJR:

When Alexander returned to the store to take a video, she found the condoms had been moved—right next to the teddy bears.

The store might have been trying out a new sales technique, but Walmart’s corporate headquarters agreed with Alexander. After the corporate office saw a photo of the condom display, the display disappeared.

Walmart released a statement thanking Alexander for letting them know about the condom rack, adding that it had been removed.

Alexander is happy that Walmart responded to her concerns so promptly. She told KKTV that there’s a place for displays like that, but it’s not in the holiday aisle:

“Let’s just keep Valentine’s Day clean,” she said.


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