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Nancy Pelosi Just Revealed What The Dem Party REALLY Thinks About Joe Biden

Nancy Pelosi and her flying monkeys have been clamoring and cheering for Joe Biden for months. You know how they have been. They have acted like Biden was the second coming and that he will fix the world with his blubbering ways, but those cheers seem to be dying down recently.

Over the last few months, Biden has shown the world just how incompetent he is in every speech and public appearance.

Biden is embarrassing.

Not only is he embarrassing the seat of the president but the United States.

Now, it seems that Pelosi is not so in love with the bumbling Biden.

It was caught on camera that Pelosi also thinks that you sound incoherent, that’s when you know you’re D-O-N-E.

Do you remember this?

YouTube did its best to scrub it from their site but thankfully it was saved and it is now on Rumble for all to see.

“Come on, man!”

Watch it here on Rumble:

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