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National Black Republican Association Endorses Racist Donald Trump



Isn’t it amazing that even though Trump is being painted as the biggest racist in America, he somehow gets the endorsement of black celebrities such as Dennis Rodman, Mike Tyson and Terrell Owens as well as large black organizations such as the National Black Republican Association?  Not really, it’s called shared values.  The elite blacks stand bye democrats no matter what, because that’s where their power comes from.  Not all blacks are concerned about political power.  They worry about the same things we all do, jobs, crime, terrorism, debt and so much more.

The reason that Trump should get all the black republican votes and many of the black democratic votes is simple.  It’s called immigration.  Because of all the illegals now able to work, young black men fresh out of high school find it almost impossible to find a job.  Unemployment for young blacks under Obama has been an eye popping 35%.

Frances Rice, chairperson of the  National Black Republican Association (NBRA), said:

“We, like Mr. Trump, are fiscally conservative, steadfastly pro-life and believers in a small government that fosters freedom for individuals and businesses, so they can grow and become prosperous.”

“We are deeply concerned about illegal immigration, a major cause of high black unemployment, especially among black youth.”

“It is way past time black Americans stop having their vote taken for granted by Democrats, hold politicians accountable for the content of their policies and not vote merely based on the label of their party.”

You may recall a large group of black ministers were about to endorse Trump until black elitists stirred things up and forced them to backtrack.  However, Rev. Steve Parson of Richmond Christian Center in Richmond, Va and nine other ministers endorsed him separately from the group.

Rev Parson said:

“As a black minister, I can tell you this, we’re right in the inner city and I tell you we need jobs, we need employment, we need businesses — and I tell you who better can help us help ourselves than Donald Trump.”

This is exactly why Donald Trump can win.  He draws people from every group.





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