• June 21, 2024

Neighbor Does Something Despicable To 6 Year Old Boy Who Disturbed Her While She Rested. This Is Horrifying!

A woman reportedly cut off a six-year-old boy’s genitals and several fingers with scissors and a knife because he disturbed her sleep.Shockingly, the woman, named as Liu, went back to sleep after the attack before fleeing the scene, reported People’s Daily Online.  The boy, named as Xiaoming (not his real name), is currently in hospital for his injuries. Liu has been arrested by the police.

According to reports, Liu was staying at her cousin’s house in Hunan’s Shaodong County on October 11. Xiaoming, who was a neighbour, ran into Liu’s room several times while she was sleeping. This disturbed Liu’s rest and she reportedly became angry. She was then said to have picked up a kitchen knife and a pair of scissors and proceeded to stab the boy in his face, fingers and genitals. As a result of her attack, several of the boy’s fingers were severed as well as his penis.

Playful: The boy (pictured before the attack) was said to have disturbed Liu's sleep and provoked the attack

Liu then went back to sleep and later fled the scene. She was apprehended the same afternoon by local police. Doctors at Xiangya Hospital, where the boy is being treated, revealed that the boy’s body parts may not be able to be reattached. It appears the police could not locate the boy’s penis, which the woman has reportedly hidden. He is currently recovering from his injuries and is said to be too traumatised to speak to reporters. However, his family claim that Liu’s relatives told them that she had schizophrenia. Police have yet to confirm this. The case is still under investigation. If charged, Liu could be sentenced up to 10 years in prison.

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