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Nicolas Cage Fears Playing Reagan in a Positive Light



Nicholas Cage is being sought to play Ronald Reagan in an upcoming movie.  The problem for Cage is the movie sheds a favorable light on Reagan and if he takes the role, his career could be over.  He fears retribution from liberal Hollywood.  That may not be true for too much longer.  Hollywood has produced a lot of movies that fit their ideology and they lose money hand over fist.  They can’t hold on forever.  Success by Donald Trump could hasten the change.

On Tuesday, New York Post’s Page Six reported that the 52-year-old actor is trying to decide if he will take the opportunity to play the role of the 40th President. The film will “show the conservative president in a flattering light, infuriating the liberal Hollywood crowd,” the outlet reported.

At this point there is very little information as to what the film will focus on, but one report said that the film could be the Reagan biopic by director Sean McNamara about the life of the Gipper from his childhood to commander in chief, according to the film’s website.

There has been no comment about the report from the actor except a statement from Cage’s publicist, Stephen Huvane, who said, “It’s way too early in the development process.”

Ronald Reagan speaks at a rally for Senator Durenberger in 1982 (Getty Images)

Reagan causes a backlash either way.  There was a comedy being planned that pretty much depicted as a senile Alzheimer’s sufferer.  Will Ferrell was picked to play Reagan but he backed out because the backlash over the way Reagan would have been depicted.


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