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Now We Know How Obama Got His Massive Netflix Deal And It’s Bad

Over the last several weeks, the American people have learned how Barack Obama landed a Netflix deal, which had many conservatives shaking their heads in disgust. After all, Obama has not one shred of experience in producing films/television, but I guess that does not matter since he didn’t have any experience in leading a country either. However, that is another story for a different day, right?


Well, now that the ink has dried on the contracts between Obama and the streaming giant, we are discovering what the deal was all about and of course, it is just as bad as we all thought.

Here is more from  Daily Caller:

A top campaign bundler for former President Barack Obama was instrumental in securing a Netflix deal for the former president and former first lady Michelle Obama, a new report reveals.

Netflix creative-content chief Ted Sarandos, who bundled just under $600,000 in contributions for Obama’s 2012 campaign, “helped to broker the deal,” New York Post reported on Saturday, citing an unnamed source.

Can we say pay for play?

Sarandos’s wife, Nicole Avant, served as the ambassador to the Bahamas from 2009-2011. Avant’s father, Clarence Avant, bundled $450,000 for Obama’s presidential campaigns, according to the paper. (President Obama was known for rewarding top campaign donors with cushy ambassador positions.)

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