• September 22, 2023

O-M-G! Yale Students Petition To Repeal The 1st Amendment

Some of the so-called best and brightest minds from one of the nation’s so-called best universities jump at the chance to repeal the 1st amendment. The right to:

free speech

freedom of assembly

freedom of the press

freedom of religion and …

freedom to petition.

Not rocket science folks! How did these kids get into college, and since Yale is the al ma mater of presidents and supreme court justices, OMG, the red flags are flying like crazy!

Trigger warning! This story and video may be unsuitable viewing for the “safe space” crowd.

Looking to understand just how controversial the debate over free speech on our college campuses really is, filmmaker and satirist Ami Horowitz recently traveled to Yale University, one of our nation’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning, to speak directly to students.

“I decided to take this campus free speech debate to its logical conclusion,” said Horowitz, who asked students if they’d sign a petition calling for an outright repeal of the First Amendment. “The result was this unbelievable display of total stupidity.”

In fact, Horowitz discovered a solid majority of the students asked willingly signed the petition, with several expressing their enthusiastic approval for his anti-First Amendment efforts.

“I think it’s really awesome that you’re out here,” said one student.

Watch the video to find out just how many supported the petition, and how willing many students were to sign away their more basic rights of free speech and expression.
Watch the video here at FoxNews

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