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Obama Could Get Rejected From THIS Country Club Over His Stance On Israel

President Barack Obama stands to get rejected from an exclusive Washington, D.C., golf club over his stances on Israel and his spats with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


The president seeks to join the Woodmont Country Club in Maryland after he leaves office on Jan. 20.

Jewish members of the elite country club are squabbling over whether or not to admit the president, the New York Post reports. Many Jewish Woodmont members think the president should be denied because he failed to block an anti-Israel vote at the UN in December. The U.S. allowed a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement from being adopted at the end of December, despite unrelenting pressure from Netanyahu’s government.

Further fanning the flames of disgust was Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech following Obama’s UN decision, which many in the Jewish community took as hostile to Israel.

The president, if admitted, would receive a complimentary membership to Woodmont on the day he leaves office. Regular members have to pay a steep $80,000 initiation fee, and annual membership fees of $9,673. Woodmont is regularly the host of PGA tournaments and championship rounds.

Woodmont was founded in 1913 by the greater Jewish community of the District, as they were historically banned from joining other clubs due to anti-semitism.

The president first played a round and the elite course in 2015, when he accompanied his aide Joe Paulson, former Deputy Secretary of State Tom Nides, and head of the private equity firm Juggernaut Capital Partners John Shulman.

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