• November 29, 2023

Obama Supporter Disrespects Police Officer, Gets Exactly What She Deserves

An entitled Obama-lover gets a HUGE dose of reality after she tries to give a police officer attitude.

According to the video description, University of Central Florida police officer Timothy Isaac pulled over student Victoria King for a routine traffic stop, at which point she became belligerent.

King told the officer that the car was her mother’s, so she did not have the vehicle registration.

When Isaac returned to the car to give King a ticket, he politely asked the young woman to role down her window. She refused repeatedly, so he asked her to exit her vehicle.

King replied that thanks to Obama, she doesn’t need to do what a cop says, and she began to roll up her window.

Without missing a beat, Isaac then reached in and shattered the window. He then pulled King out of the car and arrested her.


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