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Old Lady Cuts a Mean Rug Jamming Out in the Parking Lot of a Waffle House [VIDEO]

Just because your old doesn’t mean you were never young, and it doesn’t mean that you forget what it was like to be young. Youth is wasted on the young. I can’t remember who coined that phrase, but they were absolutely right. This old lady is rocking it out in the parking lot of a Waffle House. God bless her, because it lets us all know that we can still have fun when we grow old.


H/T Mashable

If you ask me, just about anywhere can be a dance floor.

And this woman clearly takes this mantra to heart as she shows off her large repertoire of dance moves, all while in the parking lot of a Waffle House.

Why? Because she can, that’s why!

The people inside the restaurant can’t keep it together as they watch this queen jam out.

Dance like no one’s watching (but almost always someone is).


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