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One Airline Just Gave Its Pilots A SICK Ultimatum!

It is absolutely disgusting seeing what we are seeing in our country right now.

A nation that was founded on freedom is acting just like communist China with its rules and then chastising those who push against it as ungrateful and selfish.

It is horrific and truly breaks anyone who has freedom coursing through their veins.

People who love our nation are horrified to see their elected officials and employers forcing people into taking this experimental jab.

Millions of people are being asked to make the choice of face financial ruin or be vaccinated and pray that they live.

This is NOT freedom and no one should be forced to do something against their will.

If you want the shot then take it, no one is stopping you but stopping forcing your will onto others to make your irrational fears go away.

It is appalling and downright abusive to do this to people and I am not sure why more people aren’t as enraged about this as I am, and maybe you will be after reading this.

A leaked email from United Airlines reveals how the company is taking a hardline stance on the experimental COVID-19 vaccines for their pilots.

In the beginning, the company was essentially bribing their pilots into taking the jab by giving them bonuses.

However, I guess that wasn’t enough since they are going all out now. In the leaked email it shows the tyrannical company threatening the employment of pilots who don’t want to participate in this medical experiment.

After this new announcement, one pilot likened the policy to the Nuremberg Code, and of course, United didn’t like it one bit.

There is no reason that the company should force any of their pilots to receive something that is experimental at all or any vaccine for that matter.

That is their body and their choice, right?

National File reported:

According to Red Voice Media and the Stew Peters Show, United Air Lines and the Air Line Pilots Association have hatched a scheme to incentivize pilots to accept one of the controversial COVID-19 vaccines: Get vaccinated, or be permanently grounded and unable to work.

“United Airlines and the Air Line Pilots Association have openly released a monetary ‘bonus’ for those that decide in favor of the jab, offering 13.5 hours of flight pay bonus, which ends up being anywhere between $2,500 and $4,800 depending on what seat the pilot occupies, and the level of their seniority,” Stew Peters reports. “The truth is United Airlines is going to give pilots the choice: get jabbed, or be grounded, essentially giving pilots an ultimatum to get ‘vaccinated’ or lose their income.”

According to email exchanges provided to the Stew Peters Show, many cities and airports now require pilots to be vaccinated against COVID-19. “If a restricted city appears in an unvaxxed pilot’s monthly schedule,” Peters reports, “That pilot is removed from that trip, without pay.” (READ MORE: Lawsuits Filed Against Seven Airlines And TSA Over Mask Mandates)

Here’s the latest on United Airlines:

What do you think?

Should companies fire employees who do not get the vaccine?



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