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Optical Illusions That Only Introverts Can See

There has been an avalanche of optical illusions making their way around the web recently.  People love searching for the hidden images or solving the puzzles.  Now, a set of four drawings have been introduced on Playbuzz, which claims only introverts can see.  Let’s see if they are right.


1. The first image is of a frog perched on the side of the riverbank, but can you see the hidden horse in the illustration?  


2. The second image is a peculiar sepia drawing and it asks users if they can see the hidden dog.

3. The third image asks you if you can spot the second dog in the drawing of a dog, so can you?

4. The final optical illusion is the trickiest of the bunch and asks you if you can see the pug dog in the image of the kitten. 


1. To see the horse, you’ll need to tilt your head to the right and you’ll notice its long mane, pointy ears and muzzle

2. Again, you’ll have to tilt your head – this time to the left – to spot the little pooch. The dog is, in fact snoozing and you’ll see his floppy ears and paws tucked under his head

3. This brainteaser is more of a trick question and rather than seeing an actual pooch, you’ll need to find the outline of the word ‘dog’, which the animal’s features spell out


4. Experts say you’ll need to step at least three metres away from your screen in order to spot the wrinkly dog 



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