• April 15, 2024

Oregon Newlyweds Replace An Open Bar With An Open “Marijuana Bar”

The legalization of pot in Oregon has couples considering weed bars at their weddings.

“We were shocked by how much people loved it,” groom John Elledge said of his recent wedding reception. “I’m still getting a couple of texts a day from guests who enjoyed the weed tent.”

Elledge married Whitney Alexander this summer on a Christmas tree farm.

“On private property where no liquor license is involved, it is legal,” Mark Pettinger with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission said.

However, he added, a caterer with a liquor license cannot legally serve alcohol at an event where marijuana is also being served to guests. “Caterers should be aware there cannot be bartenders and budtenders.”

Instagram | @jessicahillphoto Weed tent at a recent wedding. #itslegalhere #budtender #newweddingtrend #420
Instagram | @jessicahillphoto
Weed tent at a recent wedding. #itslegalhere #budtender #newweddingtrend #420

“We made sure we were legal,” said Elledge, “We know the limit is 8 ounces so we had small amounts of 13 varieties with a budtender controlling consumption.”

The couple had a wedding planner from Lake Oswego’s Bridal Bliss.

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