• May 24, 2024

Orlando Woman Falls To Her Death After Posting Perfect Final Photo


Colleen Burns a 35 year old Florida, Yelp executive has fell to her death while hiking along the Grand Canyon after accidentally stepping off an edge to make way for a fellow hiker.

Chillingly Burns’s death came literally just hours after taking a memorable final photo on instagram as she savored the morning dawn scene in front of her. The same scene later that morning that claimed her life.

Wrote Colleen Burns earlier that morning next to her instagram photo: ‘That view tho.:’


Jessica Roman via WESH: ‘She was stepping out of the way for another gentleman to kind of squeeze in, and unfortunately, Colleen kind of got tripped up on her own feet and fell backwards, fell into the canyon,’

‘That was the longest, strangest, craziest two seconds of my life.’

Authorities found Colleen Burns’ body approximately 400 feet below. The National Park Service and the local medical examiner continue to investigate the incident.

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