• July 23, 2024

Over 200 Dead Across 5 Countries in 48 Hours by Islamic Terrorists

Since Friday, across the Middle East and North Africa, Islamic terrorist groups have murdered over 200 people in bloody global assaults.

killed-3Outside of a popular soccer stadium in Istanbul, Turkey, 39 people were killed while another 155 are wounded. Two remotely detonated car bombs were used which has been a Kurdish Worker’s Party signature tactic.killed-2

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu told reporters on Saturday. “The evidence so far points to the PKK, the ministry has some of the information on framework about how it was planned and organized but for the sake of the investigation please forgive that I won’t share any details.”

At the heart of Egypt’s Coptic Christian community, during a Sunday morning mass, 25 people were killed and wounding about 50. Most of the victims were women and children reporters were told by Egyptian authorities. The Islamic State, fighting in the western Sinai peninsula has targeted Egypt’s Christian community in the past. Timothy Kaldas, a nonresident fellow at the Tahrir Institute for Middle East policy told The New York Times, “Once again the lives of Egypt’s Christian minority are dispensed with as objects within Egypt’s violent and cynical battle over power.” killed

Since Friday, other attacks killed 50 in Yemen, 60 in Nigeria and 29 in Somalia. In July 2016, ISIS terrorists killed more than 350 in a week and the Pentagon told reporters the attacks would not “alter the strategy” against the group.

I feel we need stronger leadership and military minds who can advise our government to help stop ISIS in their quest for death and terror. Christianity will vanish from the Middle East if ISIS is not stopped. Hopefully January 20, 2017 will start to bring about this change.




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