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Paranormal Group in Peru Claim Incredible Evidence of Aliens [VIDEO]

A paranormal group exploring in Peru claim that they found skeletal hands with three fingers, each 8 inches long and with 6 bones instead of the five that humans have.  They also claim they found an elongated skull in the same tunnel located near Machu Picchu.



The “find” is questionable since scientists have not been allowed to examine the bones and all confirmation sources are shady at best.  These types of discoveries have been announced often and usually turn out to be fakes.  However, a nine inch man was discovered in Chile but that is believed to be a mutation.

Due to the estimated size, Paranormal Crucible says it ¿could be the same species¿ as the ¿Atacama alien.¿ In 2013, however, it was revealed that DNA tests on the tiny skeleton found in Chile confirmed that the bizarre specimen was not an alien, but a human with an ¿interesting mutation¿

From The Mail Online:

The group also claim to have found an elongated alien-like skull close to where they allegedly discovered the hand.

The claims have not been verified by a scientist or researchers from any recognised institution.  

Brien Foerster, a ‘paranormal researcher’ who runs a tour company in Peru, was allegedly handed the mysterious item by the group.

He said he took the discovery to some unnamed ‘experts’ who conducted tests and found the hand had six bones in each finger. Humans have just five.

The ‘research team’ allegedly used x-rays to conclude the hand and skull were ‘genuine biological objects’, meaning they are real bone and contain skin tissues.

It is claimed the team now plan to conduct DNA testing on the mysterious discovery in the USA later this year.  

I find this story to be unbelievable, because in a legitimate find, you would want confirmation from real scientists.  Still, it’s a fun story but then again so is “Fields of Dreams” but I haven’t seen Shoeless Joe at the grocery store.


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