• July 23, 2024

Parents of Armed Robber: ‘Our Son Had RIGHTS, He Would Not Have Hurt Anyone’….

The parents of an armed robber, who was killed during that robbery by a Pizza Hut employee, are saying the employee had no right to shoot their son.  


They said shooting their son was up to the police.  Of course it wasn’t the police that was facing three armed men, it was the Pizza Hut employee.

The police say that their son, Michael Grace Jr, and two others tried to rob a Pizza Hut restaurant in Charlotte, NC.  Grace was shot and killed but the other two managed to get away.

From The Blaze:

While WSOC-TV reported that police found the gun they said Grace Jr. was carrying, Hairston seemed more concerned about the gun the Pizza Hut employee used.

“Why in the hell did this guy have a gun?” Hairston asked WBTV, adding, “What is the policy about employees having guns on the premises?”

She also asked the station, “Was he a security guard? Was he back there cooking dough? Was he back there throwing pizzas in the oven? What was his position? Why did he have a gun on the premises?”

“Even a criminal has a right to a degree,” Michael Grace Sr. told WBTV. “I’m not advocating what my son did.”

“It was an act of desperation,” Hairston noted to WBTV, “but I do not believe that Michael would have hurt anyone.”

Grace Jr.’s parents said their son, 29, was down on his luck and committing crime to provide for his young son, WBTV said


The employee has not been charged in the shooting and experts say that it is unlikely any charges would be brought in a self defense situation like he was in.

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